Global Warming and Its Effects: A List

When it comes to global warming, harmful effects like melting polar ice caps, weather changes, and an increase in diseases are changing the world and will ultimately affect your life. Here’s an extensive list of global warming effects that will affect you.

Global Warming Effects Will
Drastically Change Your Life

  • A shocking rise in sea levels around the world will occur from the melting ice. If all the polar and glacial ice melts, the water level will increase by 230 feet worldwide. [1]
  • Your hometown could be underwater by the end of the century. Major cities including New York, Miami, Tokyo, Mumbai, Venice, Shanghai, and many others will be among those affected. [2]
  • Great migrations will disrupt your city and life as people relocating from coastal areas will have to move more inland. Your local roads and bridges will be overloaded from the strain.
  • You’ll be affected by wars over land, water, and food; the world’s population, estimated to be 9 billion by 2050, will have less land to live on and many fewer resources per person. [3]
  • You’ll experience water and food shortages as droughts affect the water supply and prevent farmers from growing crops. Agriculture all over the world will be affected, meaning that many people will starve. [4]
  • Intense, more frequent weather events will strike your home; rising ocean temperatures will lead to more hurricanes and typhoons; droughts, heat waves, flooding, and tornadoes will be more common, too.
  • You may not be able to get help during a natural disaster from over-worked relief organizations; with the increase in extreme weather events, there simply may not be enough help.
  • Your family may not have enough food as the intricate food chain gets disrupted. Many species won’t be able to cope with the increasing temperatures and will die off, throwing the food chain off-balance.
  • The ocean’s fragile ecosystem will be disrupted as coral reefs, an integral part of the ocean, bleach and die from the increase in water temperatures. [5]
  • You could get deadly diseases as heavy rains may contaminate water supplies, and more disease-carrying bugs thrive off the warming temperatures. Human health will suffer because milder winters allow the vectors of malaria, dengue fever and Lyme disease to expand their range.
  • A mini-Ice Age could strike Europe. The oceans’ important currents will be changed as more ice melts. The increase in freshwater from melting glaciers in the Arctic and Greenland could cause the Atlantic’s powerful Gulf Stream current to shut down, sending Europe into a mini-Ice Age. [6]

What Can You Do about
These Harmful Effects?

While scary, all the global warming effects listed above are likely to occur if we don’t do anything about the impending climate crisis. But you have the power to stop this from happening.


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