Simple Ways to Help Prevent Global Warming: Gas Purchasing

You might not realize it, but you can prevent global warming at the pump. By supporting the right companies, you can help reduce your carbon footprint.

All oil companies are not created equal. Each company’s policies differ on how they are improving their production of oil and reducing their emissions. Make sure you buy your gas from the oil companies that produce the least amount of CO2 emmissions to help encourage the other oil companies to follow suit.

Stop Supporting The Bad Guys

Chevron and Exxon-Mobil were both rated with a D+ for global warming prevention. A 2003 report released by Oekom Research, a Munich-based firm, rated the 26 major oil and gas companies on a scale from A+ to D-, using a wide range of factors.

These companies are often irresponsible. In June 2005, eight communities in Nigeria sued several large oil companies for gas flaring. Gas flaring is a process that releases a number of global warming causing pollutants, including methane and carbon dioxide, and Exxon, Chevron and Shell were among the defendants.

Buy From Smaller Oil Companies

Small oil companies have better environmental standards. Citgo, BP and the smaller companies such as Valero and Shamrock often lead the environmental pack. By pumping your gas at these smaller companies it will help stop global warming from getting worse and it can help reduce other environmental degradation as well.

Your Most Important Choice

Reducing your driving does far more to help prevent global warming than paying attention to where you buy your gas.

Learn how to reduce your driving– this article has a number of resources to help you. Do all you can to reduce your driving. Many people live without cars all over the world, and you can too! But if you don’t eliminate your driving, then use your gas purchasing power to do what you can at the pump.

You can have a positive impact if you look at the effects of your everyday actions and take personal action to reduce your carbon footprint. Take just a moment to learn how to help prevent global warming.


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