Green Homes Are Going Mainstream

With increasing awareness of the negative impact outdated construction practices can have on our environment and its valuable natural resources, companies in the building industry are beginning to respond to growing consumer demands by implementing creative sustainable solutions including meeting or exceeding the more strict Energy Star guidelines.

Green Building Design That’s A Cut Above

Malli Homes of Yelm, Washington has gone above and beyond expectations, surpassing the Energy Star requirements with its zero-energy homes which have been designed and engineered to not only significantly reduce the impact on our planet, but actually improve the health of the surrounding environment.

With the advent of new green energy-saving technologies and building materials, the construction industry is now poised to play a crucial role when it comes to reversing the cumulative effects of obsolete building methods that are detrimental to the environment and raising construction industry standards to acceptable levels. Structures built using traditional methods that do not address energy or environmental concerns typically have a long-term damaging impact on the environment.

Construction Companies Can Show They Care

By incorporating sustainable practices, energy-efficient elements, and other high-quality green building standards into all new construction projects, while still satisfying existing safety requirements, construction companies can demonstrate that they recognize the importance of actively taking steps to protect and invest in the environment that ultimately affects all of us.

Green Floor Plans Are Catching On With Traditional Companies

You can see this trend already starting to catch on.  There are some traditional companies such as these that sell house designs and home plans that have now started selling energy star versions right alongside their traditional designs.

Consumers can additionally play a vital role in influencing construction industry policies and the speed with which new green building standards are enacted by applying pressure both directly and indirectly through the selection of only environmentally-conscious construction companies and contractors to provide personal home building solutions, such as Summit Country Homes of Weatherford, Texas.

Green Construction Companies Will Be Ahead of The Curve

With a growing number of individuals and companies embracing innovative green building technologies, as well as trends favoring energy efficiency, progressive construction companies like National Home Builders of Tucson, Arizona that are proactively making the transition to adopt green building approaches before they are nationally mandated will find they have greater consumer support and a substantial advantage over competitors in the U.S. market that persist with non-sustainable orthodox construction practices when it comes to thriving in the building industry of the future.

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Author: Brown, Nathan. A Cooler Climate, 2008.

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