Global Warming Natural Causes

You are probably wondering if global warming is caused by natural cycles. You’re right, there is some truth to that, but it’s of critical importance that you understand the whole picture to avoid devastasting consequences to your future.

Naturally Occurring Warming
and Cooling Processes

First, you should understand the primary natural causes of global warming:

Volcanic Eruptions

Large volcanic eruptions can throw so much dust into the sky that the dust acts as a shield to solar radiation and causes a cooling trend in the atmosphere. You probably can’t remember such an eruption as they are rare and infrequent occurances.


Changes in the Earth’s solar radiation levels can have some impact on the Earth’s climate. Increased solar activity can cause short-term warming cycles on the Earth.

The Wobbly Earth

As the Earth spins, it does not achieve perfect rotation. It actually wobbles slightly, thus alternately exposing the northern and southern latitudes to more and less solar radiation. This wobble in the Earth’s rotation has been causing changes in the temperature of the atmosphere for many millions of years.

Humans Are a More Dangerous
Cause of Global Warming

Now that you understand the natural causes, it is important to look at the human causes. While the changes in solar activity and the Earth’s rotation are natural events that have been occurring for many millennia, there is clear scientific consensus that global warming is real and that humans are part of the problem. [1] In fact, 1998-2007 was a record-breaking decade for the average surface temperature on earth, which cannot be explained by natural causes alone. [2]

Is Catastrophe Around the Corner?

Can you imagine disastrous storms like Hurricane Katrina becoming increasingly frequent and possibly more devastating? What about the entirety of Manhattan being permanently submerged? These are two of many possible outcomes of unchecked global warming, according to Steve Sawyer, a climate policy official at a UN climate change conference. [3]

Urgent action is necessary to combat these effects. We cannot afford to wait as the well-being of you and your children is at stake. It is up to you to take responsibility for your actions.

But don’t despair: you have much more power than you think. If you can create a ripple, it has the potential to become a tidal wave. Learn how much of a difference you can make in combating the human causes of global warming.


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Author: Brown, Nathan. A Cooler Climate, 2008.

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