Global Warming and Its Effects on Your Kids

Global warming and its effects are beginning to be felt worldwide, but future generations will be affected by climate change much more than we are. It’s a sad fact, but your kids and grandkids will be the ones cleaning up this mess caused by our long-term reliance on fossil fuels.

Your children will face a world of conflict. Unless something is done in the next few years to curb the effects of global warming, their lives will be much more difficult than ours.

Your Children Are in
for a Bleak Future

As your children grow up, global warming and its effects will be running rampant:

  • Oceans will swallow New York & London. If polar ice cap melting continues at current rates, the Arctic may be ice-free sooner than we all think. And as sea levels rise, your kids will be forced to move farther inland as cities like New York, Miami, and London will eventually be underwater.[1]
  • Illnesses will plague your children’s health. Severe heat waves will be more frequent, limiting the amount of time your kids can play outside for fear of heat-related illnesses.[2]
  • Wars over water will devastate society. Droughts will hit areas that previously never had to worry about water shortages, and people may have to relocate to have access to it. Less water available overall, combined with more people needing it, will lead to water wars.[3]
  • Natural disasters will destroy your kids’ lives. Hurricanes will affect your kids if they live along the coast, and tornadoes will become more frequent as well. And disaster relief will become harder to find as organizations like the Red Cross are put under strain. How long after a disaster will you have to hold your injured child until help arrives?

Prevent Global Warming
For Your Kids’ Sake

While it will take the efforts of individuals and governments worldwide to prevent the effects of global warming, steps are already being taken. Schools across the U.S. and world are teaching your children about recycling, the environment, and conservation. The idea of energy-efficiency has become more common in society as well, and more and more environmental jobs are opening up for those of you who want a livelihood that make a difference.

You can prevent global warming’s effects. With your help, we can educate future generations about sound environmental practices, instill good habits, and ensure that our planet is preserved for years to come. You can talk to your children about recycling, using less, and being environmentally aware.

There’s still time to change your kids’ lives. Educate yourself, gain knowledge, and make the necessary adjustments in your life to stop the effects of global warming. Find out how you can make changes now to prevent this disaster from ruining your kids’ lives. Do it for your kids’ sake.


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[3] U.S. and Global Water Wars Loom

Author: Brown, Nathan. A Cooler Climate, 2008.

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