Possible Solutions To Stop Global Warming

One of the most interesting possible solutions for global warming is distributed solar powered homes combined with electric cars. Travis Bradford points out in his article [1] that as solar power becomes more efficient and more widely available, it will create not just an ecological, but a financial incentive to invest in the technology:

“It’s not just that we’re moving toward alternatives, it’s that we’re moving toward distributed [power generation] as well. If both of those are true, solar is the only viable option.

“Solar is different from other energy technologies in that it delivers energy at the point of use, directly to the end user. That allows it to circumvent the entire supply chain. It’s not another option for a utility, it’s a competitor to a utility — the first time utilities have really had a competitor.”

-Travis Bradford

Solar Power Could
Stop Global Warming

There could be a huge revolution in power production that could make it economically possible for solar power to play a big part in the solving the problem of climate change. Mr. Bradford continues:

“Solar is slowly going to begin to unwind the existing utility economics, to the point where utilities decide they have to get in or they risk losing their core business.”

It will be exciting for you to see how the energy industry changes in response to this powerful new market force. But you don’t have to watch it play out from the sidelines- you can help people like Travis spread their message and accelerate this much needed change.

You have a powerful ability to help fight global warming. Do you know how to use it? Learn how.


[1] Grist: The Revolution Will Be Solarized

Author: Brown, Nathan. A Cooler Climate, 2008.

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