How Can We Stop Global Warming With A Bracelet?

So you’re asking yourself, “How can we help stop global warming?” I think it is possible, if we all do our part.

How you ask?

You can make a real difference if you endorse the movement to stop global warming. One way you can help is to show your support with the global warming bracelet.[1] At first, I was put off by the connection to the plastic bracelet fad. Thankfully, this bracelet stands on a stronger ethic.

When you show your valuable support for the cause to stop global warming you are encouraging a genuine change. Instead of being made from cheap plastic—the same plastic created from the oil that is so responsible for the current climate change situation—these bracelets are made from 100% recycled scrap leather, a material so sustainable that even a vegan would feel justified wearing one.

How Can A Bracelet Help?

100% of the net proceeds are directed to the Stop Global Warming Fund [2], an organization that promotes grassroots movements and citizen participation in taking an active role against the stagnant institutions that continue to contribute to global warming. You will be thrilled to learn that Roots, the company selling the stop global warming bracelets has an excellent track record of producing and providing products that are environmentally sustainable. You don’t even have to get too worked up about the carbon emissions from shipping because of Roots’ zero carbon shipping option.

Your bracelet will help you by serving as a powerful reminder of your impact on the planet. Your bracelet’s constant presence will push you to help stop global warming in your every day actions. For example, when you are debating whether to walk to the grocery store or drive, seeing the bracelet on your wrist will encourage you to use your feet.

Your Even Better Option

The best way to help is to help other people like you to get bracelets and actively support the cause. This will also make the shipping miles more worthwhile since you can compile your orders. You can also buy extra stop global warming bracelets to sell at fundraising and activism events. When you consider the awareness you are generating in others, you more than neutralize the carbon cost of shipping.

You can help others feel the benefits by using your bracelet as a conversation starter. Someone may have heard about climate change on the news and want more information you know about how they can act to stop global warming. One of the best ways you can prevent global warming is by raising awareness. You probably didn’t know you can even take action to help right now.


[1] Roots Apparel

[2] The Stop Global Warming Fund

Author: Brown, Nathan. A Cooler Climate, 2008.

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