A Positive Effect of Global Warming On Business: A Possibility?

If you know about climate change, you have probably wondered if there are any positive effects of global warming. It is an important question for a concerned citizen like you to ask. After all, isn’t it possible that global warming could increase productivity, growing seasons, or insurance business in some areas?

The main source cited for the “benefits” of global warming is Thomas Gale Moore’s paper, “Climate of Fear.” But Moore is one of few critics, and his arguments have been dismantled by many authors — not to mention that the paper was most recently published over a decade ago. It also helps you to know that Moore has been getting paid by very biased interest groups for decades.[1]

The unfortunate truth is that the effects you will see from rising greenhouse gas levels will be devastating. It may be true that a select few areas could possibly benefit, but on a global level, warming will wreak havoc on natural systems- systems that are essential for supporting human life. And as you’ll soon find out, this understanding is not limited to climate scientists and environmental activists.

The Effect On Insurance Businesses

Insurance companies are the second largest industry in the world in terms of assets. Their job is to secure our economy, and as a result, you depend on them to secure your business, your home, your family– your life.

You might be surprised to find that now, even the insurance industry– big business– is fearful of the effects of climate change. There is a story by Ron Scherer in the Christian Science Monitor concerning how the insurance companies are responding to the issue of global warming. The article quotes businessmen like Clement Booth, a board member of one of the largest insurance firms in the world, saying, “Climate change represents an ever-increasing risk, a risk far too great to ignore.”[2]

The Effect on Your Insurance

Your insurance premiums may skyrocket because of the effects of global warming. As Scherer continues, he tells of the immense impact this change is already having on people like you:

“Some consumers are already noticing a negative effect of this shift. In the past year, some 600,000 homeowners living in a zone that an insurer considers a high storm risk in an era of climate change have seen their policies cancelled or not renewed. This includes coastal areas stretching from Texas to New York.”[3]

So what does this mean for you?

An unstable future for your children is likely if people like you don’t begin making decisions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You likely had a childhood with relatively secure sources of food, shelter and protection from natural disasters. In past decades Americans have been very fortunate to grow up with such security. Unfortunately, it is this history that prevents many people like you from believing in the reality of global warming.

Now, even big business is worried about humans’ impact on the planet and the terrible effects we will begin to see. Unless you want your children to live in a future like this, you need to learn how you can help.


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Author: Brown, Nathan. A Cooler Climate, 2008.

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