10 Scary Facts & Statistics about Global Warming

Global warming is no joke. Here are 10 statistics that will make you think twice before dismissing global warming as somebody else’s problem. Find out what you can do to slow down or reverse the trend.

8 Warmest Years On
Record All Since 1998

The warmest year on record was 2005. [1] If things keep going like this, your children and grandchildren will inherit a world with a far less hospitable climate.

Scientists Predict 6-Foot
Rise In Global Sea Level

In the past 100 years, sea level has already risen between 5 and 9 inches and it is still going up. You may think that’s not a lot, but it is. Even a few feet of rise would put many US coastal cities and a large portion of Florida underwater. [6]

More Hurricanes In 2005
Than In Any Other Year

There were 27 named storms in 2005, a higher number of severe storms and hurricanes than ever before in a single year. The high storm volume may be connected to warmer temperatures in the Atlantic. [1]

Deadly Infectious Diseases
Spread Beyond The Tropics

Within the last decade, there were outbreaks of both malaria and dengue fever in the US. [2] Other tropical diseases will undoubtedly spread north as the temperature rises.

If we don’t do something to stop global warming in the coming years, you and your family may be at risk for diseases that used to be confined to the tropics.

Warming To Cause More
Heat Wave-Related Deaths

Heat waves are gaining in intensity and frequency. Europe’s 2003 heat wave caused an estimated 35,000 deaths. [7] If you have older relatives, especially if they live alone, increases in heat waves could pose a deadly risk.

Crop Failures Produce
Global Famine

Global warming causes crop failures, especially in the tropics, where temperatures are already on the edge of what is tolerable for many food crops. These failures could lead to famines if warming continues. [3]

Climate Changing Faster Than
Any Time In Past 10,000 Years

What’s scary about this statistic is that rapid change will have unpredictable effects. With this kind of instability, no one knows what our climate will be like in 25, 50, or 100 years. You could be standing in a future desert or a future ocean. One thing is certain, though, our planet as a whole will be a lot better off if we can stabilize global carbon output. [9]

Sixteen Million New Cars
On The Road Every Year

That’s really scary when you consider that automobiles are one of the major sources of global carbon emissions. [4]

Global Fossil Fuel
Use Still Increasing

More people than ever are aware that fossil fuel consumption is one of the biggest drivers of global warming. And yet, global fossil fuel use is still going up every single year. Yikes! [9]

Here are a few things you can do to bring down your contribution.

The Saddest Statistic:
This Whole Mess Is Our Fault

There is a broad scientific consensus that humans are causing global warming by burning fossil fuels when we drive, fly, and use electricity.

Your use of fossil fuels is actually changing the composition of the atmosphere. The US and China are the two biggest emitters of carbon dioxide worldwide.[5]

If we don’t make some changes soon, the prognosis is pretty grim. It is up to you to take action. Don’t miss your chance.


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